Mantra Academy has helped me to wave off the uncertainty and instil confidence to refine my skillsets. They don’t spoon feed, instead, they guide you to become a professional. Before choosing Mantra Academy I was concerned about my placement. A disciplined schedule along with the right mentors helped me to secure a job at Bajaj Auto PVT LTD as a Digital Sculptor. Apart from design training, the counselling sessions and thought provoking discussions personally helped me a lot, it is one of the reasons for me to crack the interview. I believe this is the place for anyone to begin their automotive design journey.

Before joining Mantra Academy it seemed impossible for me to learn automotive digital design in a short duration. However, after enrolling in the program at Mantra Academy I became confident because they always emphasised on fundamentals to provide a strong foundation in automotive design. The best part of the training was quick modelling skills and form building methods with utmost importance to proportions. The certification method at Mantra Academy is through a gruelling 3-day test, the positive outcome of the test boosted my confidence and there was no looking back. According to me, Mantra Academy is the best place to learn automotive digital design for a guaranteed success.

Despite being a design student I always had a fear about Alias software. But looking at the present industrial trends digital modeling is widely used not only in automotive design but also in product design. After completing my master's in automotive design, I faced difficulty to get a job. I found one but I was not satisfied and I realized there is no future without digital modeling. That's when I joined Mantra Academy.

The best part at Mantra Academy is that they train on what the automotive industry needs and they ensure doubts are clarified on the spot. Faculties at Mantra Academy are veterans of automotive design and they are always ready to answer our questions. Not only they thought me about Digital Design but also they trained me on how to face interviews and tool test.

For me Mantra Academy is the best training centers for digital modeling. They brought the best in me and I landed a job in my dream company.

Even though I had a perennial liking towards 3D forms and shapes my biggest fear was digital modeling. Training at Mantra changed my attitude towards the digital tools with their clear-cut training and injected a newfound confidence in me to achieve needed results.

Their assignment based training was helpful and the learning environment was conducive. My personal favorite was some of the deeper talks about inspiration in form generation from nature. I would surely recommend Mantra Academy to my friends, since Mantra also provides assistance with placements and Industry exposure

My biggest fears especially were that if the Academy was reliable in training and job placement but I am indeed happy that none of my fears came true.

The training was pretty good. They didn't just bluntly teach about the software but taught us what Design is and why we use the software from industry perspective. The assignments and reviews were helpful to grasp the digital tools faster. This is so far the best Academy for digital design.

I am a Computer Science engineer, but I love design, especially automotive design. With great difficulty I took a different path because I believed that I would do an awesome work if I learn from the experts. Also, I was not willing to spend years of time in design schools, so I joined Mantra Academy and achieved my dream in 6-months.

Training methods at Mantra Academy is different, they want the students to get the basics right and provide training that meets industry standards. Anyone having passion for design and willing to work hard then Mantra is the right place.I created a portfolio that helped me to land a job at "Zombi Motor Concepts" in my first campus recruitment at Mantra Academy.

My biggest fear was whether this course would take me to where I want because I was in the first batch. I took it and now I am successfully placed in a French automotive design company.

My favorite part of the training was form modeling. It was challenging as it makes us to think and find creative solutions. It made me to stretch my creativity and visualization ability and it was fun.

If anybody is interested and passionate for automotive design then it's the best place for training in digital design as it has great experienced faculties.

By education, I am an electronics engineer, but my dream was to be a car designer. With a bit of scepticism, I enrolled for the course at Mantra academy. However, within a week into training, I was convinced that Mantra academy would play a pivotal role to turn me into a true professional. Mantra Academy has a unique training ideology, there’s no theory, training is project based with an emphasis on practical learning. In addition, I received guidance to prepare my portfolio and face interviews. I got placed in one of the world’s leading automotive companies. Training at Mantra Academy is intensive, I would recommend Mantra Academy for its unique training ideology and experienced faculties.

Before joining Mantra, I was apprehensive about building strong basics in automotive design. I am amazed how the training they provided was good enough for me to secure a job in an international company.

My favorite part of the training was my interactions with the faculties, they are the best and at times they push us to the limits to unlock our true potential.

I would recommend Mantra for those who don't know where to start their journey in automotive design.

Mantra Academy stresses on practical training, they give more importance to practice than theory. Faculties have many years of real-time OEM experience because of which they focus a lot on design basics. The academy was always open for us to learn or practice and clarify doubts quickly.The need for digital modelers is rising and training at Mantra provides a solid base for the beginners.

After completing engineering I was unclear about my career, I was interested in Automotive design but didn't know from where to start. Now I am living my dream, I work as an Automotive Digital Designer for a global firm. The faculties and the rigorous evaluation methods are unique to Mantra and a confidence booster for me. I would suggest only those who are passionate about automotive design to enroll at Mantra because training assignments and evaluation are rigorous.

I am from Manufacturing background with no exposure to design methods. Combination of good training, right guidance with my passion for automotive design helped me to create a good portfolio.

Training to create good surface quality using neat patch works, good highlights and reflections has helped me in my job as a digital sculptor. My advise for the new members is to work hard, interact more with the staff to make a good portfolio.

First I would thank Mantra Academy for starting a valuable course.Advanced car modeling was my favorite part of the training; it helps us to understand the entire car surface flow in a good manner.

Courses at Mantra Academy are a good platform for beginners as they are job oriented when compared with other software training.

At first I felt the method of learning is tough and I would not make it. However at the end of the course I got the tools right and I learned Alias successfully.I have already recommended to some of my friends and I told them the course is intensive but they would learn what they intend to.

I attended corporate training and completed the course and have been very impressed with Mantra Academy and their Digital Design Program. For anyone contemplating doing a programme in Automotive digital design, I strongly advocate Mantra Academy. The course has been a lot of hard work, constantly stretching me, but it has also been tremendous fun, and I'm very glad I was able to take part.

After completing engineering I was willing to do Masters in Design (MDes) course from a reputed college and then I found about Mantra Academy. At first I was a bit apprehensive about my abilities, but the training at Mantra made me to progress steadily.

My favorite part of the training was that they will provide continual support to create portfolio. I would recommend Mantra Academy to anyone passionate about a career in transportation design or digital modeling.

A top quality course by Mantra Academy that provides assignments and student support to up-skill in digital design tools. I am impressed with the way the course has been developed and support provided by the staff. All enquiries were responded quickly and I have no hesitation in recommending this course to others.

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