Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you need the best training in automotive design and be inspired in every step of your creative pursuit, then Mantra Academy is your ultimate destination. Automotive Design training at Mantra Academy is entirely project based, candidates will start working on projects from day-one of their training.
At Mantra Academy we impart industry relevant automotive design training through project based assignments. Most importantly we restrict our intake limit to only 12 students per batch. It means for the next 6-months we only work with the 12 students to make them industry ready by helping them to create works that can make a stunning portfolio. Also, trainers at Mantra have real-time experience of working in some of the leading automotive companies around the world. Training is from Monday to Friday from 9.00 a.m to 5.00 p.m with one hour lunch break, so you will only do work that's focused, intensive and result oriented.
To become an automotive designer, you need to graduate from a reputed design school with a good portfolio. To get admission in a leading design school, you need to have a relevant and comprehensive design portfolio.
A design portfolio displays a candidate's passion for design through creative works and it is the passport to get a job or to receive an admission call from leading universities.
To create a portfolio, you need to have fundamental knowledge on automotive design process and tools. Our course "Diploma in Automotive Digital Design" enables candidates to become skillful in digital design software; the creative digital works are demonstrated in a document to apply for the job of digital designer. Our course "Diploma in Automotive Design and Research" is an intense 6-month program, it enables students to come up with exhaustive portfolio that would get noticed by leading design universities of the world. The course provides intense training in core skills such as Sketching and Computer Aided Styling using Autodesk Alias software.
Autodesk®Alias®is a CAID (Computer Aided Industrial Design) software which powers creative design process, with industry-leading surfacing capabilities supported by best-in-class sketching, modelling and visualization tools. This software is built with advanced capabilities ranging from concept design for consumer product development to Class-A surfacing for automotive design.
In contrast to parametric software like Pro-E, CATIA or Solid Works, Autodesk®Alias®is based on NURBS (Non-uniform rational B-Spline). It also provides greater flexibility and precision in handling both analytic and freeform shapes.
Autodesk®Alias®is widely used by the Industrial Design and Automotive Design fraternity.
Emergence of India as a hub for automotive and product manufacturing companies has created a huge demand for skilled design professionals. To have skill-sets in surface modeling software like Autodesk®Alias®is an absolute imperative to kick-start career as an Automotive Digital Sculptor.
Autodesk Alias software will help us to quickly represent 2-dimensional sketches into 3-dimensional virtual models. The virtual models can be easily manipulated to achieve needed results. In the digital era it is important that designers adapt to digital design tools such as Autodesk Alias software.
Yes, all learning aids during the course are provided.
No, you need to buy as per the requirement. Also you need to carry your own laptop.
"We dont't provide accommodation", but we can assist you with contact information on Paying Guest (PG) facilities available near our academy.
If you are serious about making a career in the Automotive Industry, then foundation learning in Perspective Sketching and Automotive Package becomes essential to grasp the elements that get into designing an automobile.
Yes you can, however it depends on your portfolio. For the job of Creative Designer, the R&D teams in automotive companies look for a candidate who has a formal degree in automotive design from a reputed design school with an excellent portfolio. However, for the job of Automotive Digital Design a candidate can get a job if the portfolio showcases good understanding of Design and skill in Autodesk Alias software. For this, you need to enroll in our Diploma in Automotive Digital Design course.
A creative designer comes up with new ideas for the given automobile project. Market research reports from the marketing department and quantitative research methods like ethnography would help a creative designer to visualize new ideas and communicate through visual medium like sketches with marker renderings or through software tools.
An automotive digital designer would convert the sketches given by creative designers into 3-Dimensional surface models using surface modeling software such as Autodesk Alias. At advanced levels the digital designer has to meet engineering requirements without compromising on design. Also automotive digital modelers need good understanding of automotive design process, design language, ability to interpret sketches to achieve neededresults.

We have stopped short-term programs and conduct only 6-month Diploma courses. The 6-month course has the following benefits:

• You would have a stunning digital design portfolio when you graduate from our diploma program because you will receive support in each stage of your portfolio preparation.

• We have added advanced reverse engineering training to scan and create surfaces from cloud point data.

• The diploma program provides advanced training in Class-A surfacing, if trained in Class-A then your job prospects are high because the automotive industry has a huge need for Digital Designers with Class-A experience.

• Campus Placement opportunities when graduated from the program.

• Most importantly, we would recruit only 12 students, it enables us to provide one-on-one assistance at each stage of the training.

The intake limit is 12 students per batch. We follow a rigorous process in candidate's selection to assess a candidate's passion towards automotive design. Selection is through face-to-face interview with the candidates.